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Missions Breakthrough: Equipping Local Leaders Leaves the Culture Unaltered

Crossing Cultures International | Sponsored Content | Updated: Oct 04, 2023
Missions Breakthrough: Equipping Local Leaders Leaves the Culture Unaltered

Missions Breakthrough: Equipping Local Leaders Leaves the Culture Unaltered

Equipping for World Impact

Crossing Cultures International (CCI) exists to bring glory to God by making mature disciples of Jesus Christ who will equip more Christlike servants. We are helping lead the way in cross-cultural missions by bringing comprehensive Bible training to national pastors and church leaders through the local church.

At CCI, we believe that the best way to reach a particular people group is by equipping national leaders who already understand the language, culture, and challenges of their nations and communities. By equipping local leaders, the culture remains unaltered, as sound biblical knowledge is imparted through a discipleship relationship.

Through CCI's training, leaders receive a theological education and practical ministry skills without leaving their families or traveling far from their home communities. By the grace of God, CCI is equipping and training leaders on six continents, in 37 nations, and reaching more than 160 people groups. Watch our short video to learn more.

In Vietnam, we received this testimony from a CCI student who is a church leader. His identity is concealed to protect him. He said, "I dreamed of studying in a Bible class but could not leave my village and my farm to go to southern Vietnam. Thanks to CCI, who helped my dream come true. I faced some difficulties while studying, but praise God that I am now halfway done. I have learned many things from this program, which has built me up spiritually. Moreover, I have learned from our teachers' examples and their sacrifices and dedication to the Lord.”

Our focus is on empowering these leaders to be active participants in the Great Commission rather than just passive recipients. It costs only $10 per month or a one-time gift of $112 to cover one year of training for one national leader. With a monthly recurring donation of $120, you can support a group of 12 for one year and significantly impact global evangelism and discipleship. Click here to begin investing in the training of national church leaders, evangelists, and church planters.

Samuel, a CCI graduate from Cambodia, planted a church near his home in Siem Reap during his first year of study. After graduating, Samuel formed a group of leaders to plant eight more churches in the northern part of Siem Reap. 

He said, "CCI helped me start a new class near Siem Reap. CCI equipped me, so I am going out to equip others. God is a good Father; my Father's work is my work."

Samuel’s story is a prime example of what CCI endeavors to do—equip leaders who then train and equip others. At CCI, our training provides these individuals with the biblical knowledge and ministry skills they need to contribute to the Great Commission. Your investment in their training will have a high spiritual return on investment, making a lasting impact for eternity. 

As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to fulfill the Great Commission and make disciples of all nations. By investing in CCI, you can help equip pastors like Samuel with the necessary training and resources to effectively spread the gospel and see the church grow in their respective countries. 

Will you help us equip workers for the harvest? The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. You can make your $20 or more monthly recurring payment by clicking HERE.

Additionally, we want to help you grow in your faith by offering a free eBook on Philippians Bible Commentary written by our President, Dr. David Nelson. Simply sign up for our monthly newsletter to receive this gift and stay updated on how God is working through the CCI ministry.

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Crossing Cultures International (CCI) equips national pastors and church leaders with comprehensive training, consisting of 520 in-class hours, under the guidance of a Christlike, mature leader who guides the student through acquiring ministry skills, Bible knowledge, and a Christlike character to serve effectively. As classes grow in each area or country, we wait for the Lord to point us to a faithful man to whom we entrust the ministry and the resources to oversee this ministry. As leaders are equipped, they train others who train others. As a result, the training is multiplied.

To learn more about CCI’s mission, visit Sign up for our monthly newsletter and receive a copy of the CCI Ministry President’s eBook on Philippians by clicking here.

Missions Breakthrough: Equipping Local Leaders Leaves the Culture Unaltered