YouTube Bans Prager U Video of Former Radical Muslim Denouncing Anti-Semitism

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Tuesday, December 6, 2016

YouTube Bans Prager U Video of Former Radical Muslim Denouncing Anti-Semitism

YouTube has censored a Prager U video of a former radical Muslim who shared how he used to hate the Jews and Israel, but had a complete change of heart and mind.

According to The Blaze, in the video, Kasim Hafeez, founder of the Israel Campaign, shares how he used to harbor great hatred for the Jews and was even on his way to becoming a radical Muslim terrorist when he encountered a book by a Jewish Harvard professor that made him question his hatred.

Hafeez traveled to Israel to see for himself if the Jews hated Muslims and were trying to destroy them. While in Israel, he was amazed to find many Jews and Muslims getting along.

Hafeez's view of the Jews began to change. Now, he is even an advocate for Israel and for peace.

“Do what I did,” encourages Hafeez in the video. “Seek out the truth for yourself. If the truth could change me, it can change anyone.”

Although the Prager U video promotes peace and is against hatred, YouTube has decided it constitutes “hate speech.”

“YouTube’s removal of PragerU’s video is particularly alarming. YouTube labeled the video as ‘hate speech,’ which is ironic since the video is about fighting hatred and anti-Semitism, and is presented by a Muslim,” said Prager U’s Communication Director Jared Sichel.

Hafeez also commented on YouTube’s censorship of the video. 

“It’s disturbing that a video about how I don’t hate Jews anymore is flagged hate speech. George Orwell would blush,” he said.


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Publication date: December 6, 2016