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Woman Accuses Katy Perry’s Father of Raising a ‘Satanic Woman’

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Updated: Nov 13, 2015

Woman Accuses Katy Perry’s Father of Raising a ‘Satanic Woman’

An angry woman, claiming to be a Christian, confronted Katy Perry’s father, telling him he had raised a “satanic woman.”

Christian Today reports that the woman, identified only as Christine, approached Keith Hudson, the popstar’s father, outside a Christian radio station in Phoenix, Arizona and accused him of of raising “one of the most wicked people” who had “led millions to hell.”

Hudson is a preacher and Christine upbraided him for not ministering to his own daughter.

"And you claim to have a ministry?" she said. "Then minister to your daughter because that is needed more than ever. You ought to know better when you have a girl who walks with satan more than ever."

Hudson responded to the woman’s attack, questioning her if her approach was truly Christ-like. The woman said that she had a right to judge him and told him “you will be held accountable for what you have done and what you have allowed her to do."

She also accused Perry of leading her son astray and of “having sex with demons on the video,” referring to Perry’s song “ET."

Hudson said this was the first time he had been confronted so boldly by someone who disapproved of his daughter’s behavior and lifestyle. Hudson said he believes Christine is a “bitter and angry woman trying to blame my kid for her kid’s mistakes.”

Christine blamed Perry for her son’s waywardness, saying she had “no relationship with my son because he is walking away from the Lord.”

Publication date: November 13, 2015

Woman Accuses Katy Perry’s Father of Raising a ‘Satanic Woman’