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UN Report on ISIS: 24,000 Killed, Injured

Amanda Casanova | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Friday, October 10, 2014

UN Report on ISIS: 24,000 Killed, Injured

More than 24,000 Iraqi civilians have been injured or killed by ISIS so far this year, according to a United Nations report on the human rights violations of the ISIS.

The report, by UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the UN Assistance Mission in Iraq, was released this month. The report was compiled with interviews from more than 500 witnessses.

Other violations that were discussed in the report include kidnapping and persecution.

The report said that ISIS militants have killed about 8,493 Iraqi civilians. Another 15,782 have been injured.

The actual numbers could be much higher," the report states. "Additionally, the number of civilians who have died from the secondary effects of violence, such as lack of access to basic food, water or medicine, after fleeing their homes or who remained trapped in areas under ISIL control or in areas of conflict are unknown."

Also, the report said that more than 1.8 million Iraqi citizens have been forced from their home because of the violence.

Publication date: October 10, 2014

UN Report on ISIS: 24,000 Killed, Injured