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Tim Tebow Has Game-Winning Hit after Getting Advice from Baseball Hall-of-Famer

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Tim Tebow Has Game-Winning Hit after Getting Advice from Baseball Hall-of-Famer

Christian athlete Tim Tebow had a game-winning hit last night that propelled his minor league New York Mets-affiliated team to victory.

Tebow began pursuing a career in baseball this past summer after his football career came to an end.

The Mets signed Tebow to a minor league deal and he is now playing with their fall league team in Arizona.

Tebow hit the game-winning line drive to give his team a four to three victory.

Tebow shared that advice from baseball hall of famer Reggie Jackson helped him get the hit.

“The whole day they had been throwing me outside fastballs and they had the shift on a little bit, and Mr. Jackson was just talking about letting it get deep and going with it. So first pitch tried to let it get deep and hit it opposite way, especially when they play you for a pull,” Tebow told the New York Daily News.

Besides baseball, Tebow has also been busy with his job as an ESPN broadcaster as well as with the release of his new book Shaken.

In the book, Tebow addresses how he is able to weather the highs and lows of his life because of his faith and because he knows where his identity lies.

“So many people that have gone before me that I’ve been able to see—wow, I want what he has. I want what she has. I’ve seen what they have and wow, they have peace no matter where they’re at,” he said. “They have assurance no matter what they’re going through. It was fun in this book to be able to highlight role models of mine that have been able to find a firm foundation in who they are no matter what life throws at them.”


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Publication date: November 9, 2016