Thousands Gather to Protest Norway's Removal of Children from Christian Family

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thousands Gather to Protest Norway's Removal of Children from Christian Family

Thousands of Norwegian Christians are protesting the government’s removal of five children from a Christian family.

Christian Today reports that the Bodnariu family, including father Marius, a Romanian and mother Ruth, a Norwegian had their five children taken from them after Norway’s child welfare service, the Barnevernet, deemed them unfit to raise the children.

The government’s intervention began when officials asked the children at school if their parents spanked them. Corporal punishment is against the law in Norway. The children responded affirmatively and were consequently taken from their parents, who have been accused of parental child abuse and religious indoctrination.

The Bodnariu’s fight to regain custody of their children has not gone unnoticed, however. 

Tens of thousands of protesters joined together to petition the government to restore the children to their family.

Cristian Ionescu, a spokesman for the family, said that their case has been a “catalyst that united” conservative Christians “in a common cause that inspired us to witness for the values that represent us.”

"When the Norwegian Minister Madame Horne said that the system will be firm and not crack under the international pressure, I couldn't help but smirk... not in a condescending way, but – I confess – feeling pity for her ignorance,” he continued.

Thus far, a judge has ruled that the Bodnarius may regain custody of their youngest child, Ezekiel, and that the two older boys can see their parents twice a week.  

Publication date: April 21, 2016