Silicon Valley Church Aims to Reach Community by Being Culturally Relevant

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Monday, August 1, 2016

Silicon Valley Church Aims to Reach Community by Being Culturally Relevant

A unique church is making an impact in California’s Silicon Valley. reports that C3 Silicon Valley (C3SV) went public with the release of a video last Easter. 

In the video, a man raps about the materialistic culture of Silicon Valley and ends with emphasizing relationship over religion. 

The church has three campuses in Silicon Valley and has as its catchphrase “Not Religious? Neither Are We.”

Many of the church’s members work for Facebook or Google. Some of them used the privileges of their job to help boost the church’s video, which has about 61,000 views currently.

Pastors Adam and Keira Smallcombe moved from Australia in 2012 because they felt God calling them to plant a church in Silicon Valley. The Smallcombes emphasize a genuine relationship with Jesus over the trappings of religion.

Sunday morning services at C3SV involve enthusiastic worship sessions and passionate messages. The megachurch has “no particular style,” but focuses on presenting Christian principles in a “culturally relevant manner.”

The church seeks to be a place where the tech workers of Silicon Valley can feel at home, and so its leaders pay attention to cultural trends.

Recently, a post on the church’s Facebook read: “To sum it up..we want to be the ‘Pokemon Go’ of churches. After all, the Great Commission is clear: GOTTA CATCH EM ALL!”

The Smallcombes believe God has specifically called them through C3SV to spread his word in an area of the country that is largely unchurched, and that is what they are seeking to do with their unorthodox approach to Christianity. 

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Publication date: August 1, 2016