Second Grader Told Not to Read Bible

Carrie Dedrick | Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Second Grader Told Not to Read Bible

A second grade student in Texas was told to put his Bible away when he tried to read it during independent reading time. The child’s parents are now accusing the school of unconstitutionally banning the Bible.

The Hamilton Elementary School teacher allegedly told the child to leave the Bible at home.

Liberty Institute lawyers are representing the family reports The Blaze. They argue that the teacher’s actions were unconstitutional, as the Supreme Court had ruled in the past that children still have the right to freedom of religion on school premises.

Michael Berry, a Liberty Institute attorney said, “We expect [Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District] officials to resolve this unfortunate incident quickly and amicably by informing us that they have addressed this matter with District employees, and by assuring us that this will not happen again.”

Hamilton Elementary released a statement explaining its independent reading time policy. “During a student’s independent reading time, students are required to read a book that is ‘Just Right.’ A ‘Just Right’ book is when the student can read most of the words, comprehend the text and that the book is appropriate for the type of text or genre that is being taught.”

“If the Bible meets these specifications for students, the it would be considered acceptable,” the statement said.

The school has vowed to take “civil liberties” cases seriously.

An investigation of the incident is pending.


Publication date: April 23, 2014

Second Grader Told Not to Read Bible