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Reddit Users Share Their Supernatural Encounters with Angels

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Updated: Dec 21, 2016

Reddit Users Share Their Supernatural Encounters with Angels

A number of Reddit users have shared about the supernatural encounters they had with angels.

The Daily Mail compiled a list of these encounters, just in time for the holiday season, when we are all perhaps a bit more open to miracles.

Some of the Reddit users event testified that their encounter with an angel saved their life. Others shared that, until this experience, they had been skeptical of the supernatural world.

One user shared that, at the age of 11 he saw an angel outside his bedroom window. The angel looked like "a very big tall figure wearing long robes looking over our house.”

"[T]he light was radiating from him,” he continued.

This experience has given him courage even years later. "The experience has definitely changed my life. I can't imagine anything that could beat that angel in a fight," he wrote.

Another woman shared the story of how she got lost in a hotel while on vacation with her parents as a child. In her panic, she pressed all the buttons in the elevator. She ended up on the pool floor where she saw a “chubby man with a briefcase and bald head.” The man smiled at her and accompanied her back into the elevator. He pressed the button and the elevator let her out on the floor where her parents were.

"I ran out, snot flying, and I told my waiting mother that a man helped me and pointed back at the elevator. There was no one in it. No one came out with me, my mother said. The elevator then ascended, allegedly no one inside," she wrote.

Other stories involved angels saving people and vanishing before they could be thanked.

Another user shared of a near-drowning experience he had. "I started drifting out further and further, unable to breathe, swallowing water, etc. All of a sudden, this guy runs into the water, picks me up, and before I know it, were on the shore. I cough up a lot of the water I had swallowed, and as I turned to thank him, he was just... gone.”


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Publication date: December 21, 2016

Reddit Users Share Their Supernatural Encounters with Angels