Radical Muslim Gives Life to Christ after Attending Christian Church Service

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Radical Muslim Gives Life to Christ after Attending Christian Church Service

Most of the stories coming out of the Middle East are disheartening, but every once in awhile, a story will remind us that God is still at work.

Recently, a Christian persecution watchdog group reported on the miraculous conversion of a Muslim extremist in war-torn Syria.

The Muslim man reportedly decided to give his life to Christ after witnessing a Christian church service, according to Open Doors USA’s Emily Fuentes, who wrote about the conversion story in an article for Mission Network News.

"One of the pastors who chose to stay there talked about how he was hosting a church event, feeding the community who was remaining in this city, and they would feed the community and have a sermon where they shared the Gospel message," Fuentes said, according to The Christian Post.

"And as he's preparing to do it, he and the other pastor saw a Muslim extremist man with a beard without a mustache, which is an indication of a more fundamental, extremist Muslim, so they were concerned," she added. "They prayed about it, but invited the man in and just kept an eye on him, fed him, and he heard the sermon and he gave his life to Christ.”

Although the Islamic State is losing ground in Syria and other areas of the Middle East, many families who were forced to flee the area and who are now returning are finding that their homes and communities are destroyed.

These Christians have lost so much, yet so many of them are still missionally-minded and and remain focused on Christ despite what they have suffered.

Join us in continuing to pray for these brothers and sisters in Christ to lead many more people to the Lord.


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Publication date: July 25, 2017