Israel Bible Allows Users to Learn about Holy Land while Reading God’s Word

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Israel Bible Allows Users to Learn about Holy Land while Reading God’s Word

A new version of the Bible uses interactive resources to help readers learn about God’s Word, and specifically, the land of Israel.

Breaking Israel News reports that The Israel Bible can be read online, and its interactive resources allow users to earn points while studying the Bible. 

“Through our outstanding staff of leading rabbis and Biblical scholars, The Israel Bible provides original commentary along with thought provoking questions and discussions that focus on God’s special connection to the Holy Land, its people and the depth of the Hebrew language all in a fun and enlightening package,” said Rabbi Weisz, the editor of The Israel Bible.

One user of The Israel Bible, Herman Arentsen, has earned the status of “scribe” by interacting with the online Bible.

“I had been attracted all my life to study the Bible,” Arentsen told Breaking Israel News. “By studying The Israel Bible through the internet, a new way has opened up to me. I was a little bit afraid of swimming in these waters all on my own. But the free interaction and especially this interactive Bible is giving me the necessary self-trust. I can even teach myself the quick reading of Hebrew thanks to the transcription and the audio of the verses.”

The Israel Bible focuses especially on the land and people of Israel, but is also applicable to a Christian audience.

“With Israel constantly being vilified by the media and global leadership, it is crucial for as many people as possible to know God’s desires for the Holy Land through accurate study of the Bible. Together, I believe that we can make a difference in history,” said Rabbi Weisz.

Publication date: June 28, 2016