New Audio Recording Reveals that Dave Ramsey, His Board Allowed Radio Personality to Stay on despite Having an Affair

  Amanda Casanova | Contributor | Wednesday, January 19, 2022
Dave Ramsey, New audio recording reveals that Dave Ramsey and his board allowed radio personality to stay on despite having an affair

Audio has surfaced of Dave Ramsey in a meeting with three other men admitting they knew Ramsey personality Chris Hogan was having adulterous affairs.

The 2020 audio comes more than three years after Melissa Hogan approached Ramsey and members of the board with evidence that her husband, Chris, was having affairs. According to The Roys Reports, She said Ramsey and the other board members did not believe her.

“It was like being emotionally raped,” Melissa said during a recent episode of Amy Fritz’s  Untangled Faith podcast. Melissa also said Ramsey and his board members “were very hostile” towards her.

“And it was basically, ‘What other false accusations do you have?’”

But in an audio recording from a May 18, 2020, meeting with former Ramsey software developer Dan Watt and operational board members Jack Galloway and Mike Finney, Ramsey and the men discuss the affairs.

Watt requested the May meeting after Chris and Melissa Hogan divorced in 2019. In documents related to the divorce, Chris Hogan admits to the affairs.

Under that timeline, Ramsey and the board members knew about the affairs.

In the recording, Finney admits that in 2018, Ramsey’s board knew that Chris “had intercourse with a former team member over 10 years ago.”

“We wrestled with that a lot,” Finney says. “We said ... ‘What do you do with some information you find out like 10 or 12 years later?’”

They also discuss that the 2018 meeting with Melissa was where they learned of a “more recent thing” between Chris Hogan and another woman. The relationship stopped before any sexual activity, and the men decided the affair was not grounds for termination.

“We had to make a decision,” Finney explains. “We had to say, ‘Is that grounds?’ And we all kind of said, ‘It’s certainly grounds for divorce.’ But what we ... kind of held to is intercourse. And honestly, I don’t even know if we’ve ever had another situation where we had to make a call like that.”

In May 2021, Hogan resigned from Ramsey Solutions for “some things personally that are not in line with Ramsey Solutions.”

Previously, Ramsey has said that he fires “people if they have extramarital affairs.”

In his book, EntreLeadership, Ramsey asserted that he “won’t let a team member stay if they decide to have an affair. If their spouse can’t trust them, neither can I.”

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