Lecrae Tweet about Taking Communion with Wheat Bread, Apple Juice Sparks Debate

  Amanda Casanova | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Tuesday, January 4, 2022
Lecrae Tweet about Taking Communion with Wheat Bread, Apple Juice Sparks Debate

Christian rapper Lecrae is facing criticism for a tweet about communion.

"Just did communion at home with wheat bread and apple juice," he wrote on Twitter. "I hope this still counts."

According to Faithwire, Lecrae drew some supportive tweets, such as from Creekside Church

Pastor Eric Schall, who wrote, "Was your heart in the right place? Then, absolutely it did!"

Twitter user Matt Nightingale added, "Did you remember the death and resurrection of Jesus? Yes, it counts."

Another, Kyle J. Howard, wrote, "I mean, it ain't the most ideal, by a long shot, but Communion is much more about the heart & what one is reflecting on than the actual elements used."

Still, others said they were disappointed that Lecrae seemed to make light of communion.

The account One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism wrote, "Apple juice? What a mockery to the son of God whose blood was poured out for our sins. Why are many people being led astray by the destructive hearsay, Bethel Church promotes about communion – using whatever food & drink you have? End time falling away prophecy being fulfilled."

Another Twitter user, Zach San Miguel, called it "a flat out shame that God's holiness is shown such disregard."

While the Ju1 t account wrote, "Last I checked, receiving communion was a weighty and deadly serious thing, but sure, go ahead and trivialize it. Smh"

On January 3, Lecrae posted a follow-up tweet.

"For clarity about my communion post. I learned a lot. Didn't realize it was such a touchy subject," he said. "Thanks for grace. … Thanks for the dialogue."

He also linked to an article, "Have You Taken Communion the Jewish Way, as Yeshua Taught?"

"When we eat the bread and drink the wine at the Passover meal, we must remember how we have been delivered from an eternal spiritual death that God provided through the sacrifice of Yeshua," the article says.

Lecrae's newest album, No Church In A While, was released in December. Lecrae said the album is about people not returning to a physical church building because of the pandemic, but it also deals with the idea of people not returning to church because of a "hurt" from the church."

"The No Church In A While project came out of the pandemic we've been in, and people weren't going to church or going to the building," Lecrae said.

"There were people who were just struggling with the concept of church and where God was. And so, just dealing with all of those issues brought it out in the music," he said.

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