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'I Screamed Yes': Sadie Robertson Is Getting Married to Christian Huff

Kayla Koslosky | Editor | Monday, June 10, 2019
'I Screamed Yes': Sadie Robertson Is Getting Married to Christian Huff

'I Screamed Yes': Sadie Robertson Is Getting Married to Christian Huff

“Duck Dynasty” star and inspirational powerhouse Sadie Robertson is getting married.

The 21-year-old author, inspirational speaker and actress announced her engagement on Instagram late Sunday night by sharing a heartwarming video of now fiancé Christian Huff popping the question.

“I screamed YES,” Robertson wrote in the caption of the video.

She continued, “So many words and so many more pictures to come, but for now just know my friends I’m the happiest human in the world on June 9th, 2019 today and for the rest of my life.” 

“I GET TO MARRY THIS MAN. God is faithful and so so good,” she concluded.

Robertson’s post quickly went viral with fans and friends congratulating the former reality star on her exciting news. At the time of this writing, Robertson’s intial post had already garnered nearly 2 million likes.

In a subsequent post shared to Instagram Monday afternoon, alongside a series of photos, Robertson shared that she was "overwhelmed" by all of the love her congratulatory remarks her followers were leaving the couple. She wrote, "The instant reaction. This is like a dream, but way better because I actually got to wake up today and it is all REAL."

She continued, "We are overwhelmed by all of your love and excitement for us. I’m really engaged to my favorite person ever! I’m blown away by the love this man shows me in the details of everyday (sic), but especially yesterday."

"You’re so intentional Christian Huff and you are so wildly loved by your fiancé. Now that I’m done writing this caption I’m going to go run back into your arms and keep celebrating what God did. I love you today and I’ll love you forever. & trust me friends, there are a million more pics to come," Robertson added.

Robertson’s mom, Korie, also shared her excitement for her daughter by commenting on Robertson’s post, PureFlix Insider reports. She commented, “Soooo happy!!!! Loved celebrating you two all day!”

Later Korie shared a series of photos to her own Instagram of herself, Robertson, Huff, and the family’s patriarch, Willie Robertson, where she again, expressed her excitement. 

She wrote, “Sadie’s getting married!!!!! To the most amazing man, and we are beaming!!! Today was an absolute dream. I love every second of being @legitsadierob mom and can’t wait for @christian_huff to join the fam!”

Huff has yet to post anything about the pair's engagement but did share sweet thoughts about his future bride in an Instagram post on May 11. Huff wrote, “You are a straight up vision... thank you for the best 8 months of my life getting to walk alongside you and learn from you while growing together. I love sprinting this race with you honey!!!”

According to Cosmopolitan, Robertson and Huff have been dating for about nine months.

Photo courtesy: Sadie Robertson's Instagram

'I Screamed Yes': Sadie Robertson Is Getting Married to Christian Huff