The Conflict in Israel: What Can I Do?

Christian Headlines Editorial Team | Updated: Oct 12, 2023
The Conflict in Israel: What Can I Do?

The Conflict in Israel: What Can I Do?

The surprise attack on Israel by Hamas has left many worldwide reeling in unbelief, shock, sorrow, and pain over the lack of humanity terrorists have shown Israelis and for the tragic loss of life on both sides of the conflict. Thousands are dead, and even more are left wounded. Many people are missing. The terrorist group assailed Israel without regard for innocent citizens, raiding homes and taking hundreds hostage. From inside the war zone, many are witnessing unimaginable war crimes. Those left behind face the insurmountable task of picking up the pieces that are left, surviving themselves, and eventually rebuilding. If you feel led to help, please "pray for the peace of Jerusalem," but there is something else you can do right from where you sit. Click on any of the following organizations and ministries listed here. They are some of the people stationed on the ground to provide aid, and by clicking on the group's name, you find out how to join hands in the effort to help.

The fighting continues to break hearts and end lives. Above all else, let’s continue to pray for everyone affected by the conflict and that God would bring comfort to the people and peace to their nation.

Christians United for Israel

  • Right now, as mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and grandparents grieve the loss of their loved ones and first responders gather the dead and care for the wounded, this is our time to show love and generosity for a nation suffering one of its darkest hours. Join CUFI in sending Israel life-saving help. Let’s not just tell Israel we stand with them; let’s show them! 100 percent of all funds raised from this campaign will go directly to Israel to meet the needs wrought from this gruesome war.
  • Follow the latest news with CUFI

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

IFCJ provides emergency aid needed now. A gift of only $25 can help them create a sanctuary and shelter for many in need.

One for Israel

  • Emergency Food: Providing nourishment to those in immediate need.
  • Essential Supplies: Ensuring families have access to critical items.
  • Trauma Support: Offering comfort and care to those traumatized by the events.
  • Funding for Evacuation Accommodations: Helping families find safe shelter during this crisis.

Jews for Jesus

They have begun a movement of prayer for peace and fundraising to support and supply help both now and in the aftermath of the war.

The Joshua Fund

The Joshua Fund is a rapid response organization with various on-the-ground aid listed:

  • counseling services for children
  • food packs for families displaced by rockets and terror attacks
  • resources for pastors
  • ministry leaders to support and comfort their communities

International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

They hold a Global Prayer Gathering daily at 4:00 PM (Israel time). Join at They ask people worldwide to stand up for Israel by voicing support through the media, lobbying the government, or holding public rallies.
They also need donations to help with the emergency relief and evacuation efforts. Besides the shaken residents of the Israeli border communities, there are many new Jewish immigrants living in absorption centers in the western Negev who we are helping to move to safer parts of the country.
ICEJ staff will continue distributing food, clothing, and other relief aid to Israeli civilians and soldiers. In addition, we are rushing to place more life-saving bomb shelters in the Israeli towns and villages close to Gaza.


Message from ACLJ: “We’re mobilizing our office in Jerusalem to defend Israel’s interests on a global scale. We’re about to send critical legal letters to President Biden, key congressional leaders, and the U.N. Secretary-General calling for urgent action to defend Israel. And we’re sending a vital letter of support to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Sign the petition to defend Israel from anti-Israel attacks Across the Globe. Lend your voice to the cause. These efforts are all possible because of our Champions. The issues we fight span generations. Your continuing monthly donations are crucial as we expand our efforts to defend Israel. STAND WITH ISRAEL. BECOME AN ACLJ CHAMPION TODAY.”

This list will likely expand. Bookmark this article and prepare to reference it frequently in the coming days. 

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The Conflict in Israel: What Can I Do?