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Eric Metaxas Speaks at Sean Feucht's 'Let Us Worship' Event in NYC

Amanda Casanova | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Eric Metaxas Speaks at Sean Feucht's 'Let Us Worship' Event in NYC

Eric Metaxas Speaks at Sean Feucht's 'Let Us Worship' Event in NYC

Sean Feucht’s “Let Us Worship” tour recently stopped in New York City, drawing thousands of people in worship songs.

Feucht said Times Square was “hijacked with praise, joy and salvation. If it can happen there, it can happen anywhere!”

Feucht told ChurchLeaders.com that the police told him “they’ve never seen anything like” the “Let Us Worship” night and the crowd it drew into Times Square.

“When people say the church is dead here, don’t listen to them,” Feucht said. “God is moving, people are rising up. There is a bold church in the midst of, you know, the COVID pandemic and the lockdowns and the tyrannical government orders from the governor and mayor here. There’s a church that’s rising up that’s refusing to back down, and we experienced that last night, and it was very, very, very powerful.”

Video clips from the recent event show people speaking in tongues, praying, waving Christian flags, dancing and singing along.

Christian conservative radio host and best-selling author Eric Metaxas was also present with Feucht Sunday night. 

“Revival just hit Times Square. No one wants to leave,” Metaxas said in a tweet, “and keep in mind, we were there praising Jesus loudly not merely in Times Square last night, but at the very moment—sundown—when the Jewish New Year was beginning. Aslan is on the move!

During the event, Metaxas spoke about how New York City was a place of “spiritual warfare,” but God was moving in the city.

“Today, when we worship, we are doing spiritual warfare,” Metaxas told the crowd. “We’re not just singing songs. The enemy wants this city. The enemy wants to rob you and your children of salvation. Jesus wants you to stand firm and induce spiritual warfare. When we worship, I want you to know you are doing spiritual warfare—you are calling Jesus into this place, and he is going to come, and we are going to see his hand do things in this city.”

Let Us Worship’s next tour stop is Washington, D.C., on Oct. 22. Find out more at www.LetUsWorship.us.

Watch the video from the New York City event here.

Photo courtesy: Aaron Sebastian/Unsplash

Amanda Casanova is a writer living in Dallas, Texas. She has covered news for ChristianHeadlines.com since 2014. She has also contributed to The Houston Chronicle, U.S. News and World Report and IBelieve.com. She blogs at The Migraine Runner.

Eric Metaxas Speaks at Sean Feucht's 'Let Us Worship' Event in NYC