Egypt: Teenage Girls Kidnapped and Forced to Marry Muslims

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Monday, June 13, 2016

Egypt: Teenage Girls Kidnapped and Forced to Marry Muslims

Christian girls in Egypt are being kidnapped, forced to convert to Islam, and forced to marry Muslim men.

According to, Amal Shaky is one such young woman. Shaky, who is 19, was presumably kidnapped on her way to university in Cairo. Her family reported her disappearance to police, but the police were slow to respond to the kidnapping.

Authorities even suggested that Shaky’s father killed his daughter himself and hid her body. The officers then said they would look into the case, but thus far, no action has been taken.

"More than 40 days have passed since my daughter was kidnapped, and they say that the matter is under investigation," Shaky’s father told International Christian Concern. "I don't know how long I should wait. Wait until they tell me that my daughter is killed or got married?"

Human rights abuses, particularly against Christians, are increasing in Egypt. Human Rights Watch recently reported that Egyptian security forces arrested and tortured 20 people, including eight children.

Another Christian persecution watchdog group, World Watch Monitor, also reported on Christian persecution in Egypt.

In the past few years, reports World Watch Monitor, the Upper Egyptian province of Qena saw 72 cases of kidnappings, extortion, and other forms of violence against Coptic Christians.

Publication date: June 13, 2016