Conflict in Israel is Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy, Say Religious Leaders

Veronica Neffinger | Editor, | Tuesday, October 27, 2015
Conflict in Israel is Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy, Say Religious Leaders

Conflict in Israel is Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy, Say Religious Leaders

As violence and conflict escalate in Israel, some religious leaders are saying it is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy.


Charisma News reports that Israel has been experiencing heightened conflict in the past weeks as Muslims strive with Jews for ownership of The Temple Mount and other religious sites. 


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas of joining “ISIS and Hamas in claiming that Israel threatens the al-Aqsa Mosque.”


One hundred and ten people have been wounded in the Arab-Israeli conflict over the past few weeks, and 10 have been killed. Brutal videos have been released of Muslims shooting, stabbing, and running over Israelis.


Chosen People Ministries President Mitch Glaser believes the conflict in Israel is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy.


"People are talking about this as the beginning of the Third Intifada," Glaser said. "We are definitely not there yet, but if everybody is not careful, it could erupt."


Glaser went on to say that the prophecy in Zechariah 12:3 which foretells how all nations will turn against Israel in the last days and the prophecy in Zechariah 12:9 which foretells Christ’s return to save His people from their enemies are soon to become a reality.


“We understand that has not yet been fulfilled, but it will be fulfilled and probably today we are beginning to see the fulfillment," Glaser says. "Clearly, the Bible says Israel will become a nation, the Jewish people will be back in the land, which has already happened, enemies will surround Israel and the Lord will return to conquer those nations and save Israel. So, yeah, I think it's right in front of our face."


Other religious leaders, such as Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and Sid Roth, also say that Bible prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes.


"The fact that 2,000 years later, the world is overwhelmingly set against Israel and ultimately focused on the issue of Jerusalem is amazing," Cahn stated. "The issue of Palestine, which threatens to surface at the United Nations, will only increase the world's pressure being placed on Israel.”



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Publication date: October 27, 2015