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Church of England to Launch New LGBT Congregation

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Updated: Jun 21, 2016

Church of England to Launch New LGBT Congregation

The Church of England will be launching a new congregation especially for the LGBT community this summer.

According to, the new congregation is called True North and seeks to bring LGBT people into community with the Body of Christ.

True North will meet in St. Matthew’s Walsall where most of the leadership oppose gay marriage. True North thus aims to provide “worship, mutual support and encouragement for Christians in the LGBTI community.”

Rev. Jim Trood, vicar of St. Matthew’s Walsall opposes same-sex marriage, but nevertheless, welcomes the new congregation: "While I and many of the leadership of St Matthews hold a traditional view on human sexuality, LGBT Christians are first and foremost children of God and made in his image," he said.

Another church leader, Rt. Rev. Clive Gregory, the Bishop of Wolverhampton, stated, "I understand why LGBTI Christians feel the need for a place to meet and worship where they can feel secure and supported in their God-given sexual identity. They will be very much part of our Diocese and I will look forward to worshipping with them in due course."

The congregation will be led by Rev. Monica Arnold who said, "While debate rages on, passionately, at the highest levels of the Church of England, LGBTI people continue to live with the realities of their daily life and the mixed reception many receive in parishes. An opportunity to worship and enjoy fellowship without hiding or denying a fundamental aspect of their identity is so important to all aspects of healthy life.”

Publication date: June 21, 2016

Church of England to Launch New LGBT Congregation