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Chewbacca Mask Woman Tells Young People ‘Be Diligent in the Work of the Lord’

Veronica Neffinger | iBelieve Contributor | Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Chewbacca Mask Woman Tells Young People ‘Be Diligent in the Work of the Lord’

Chewbacca Mask Woman Tells Young People ‘Be Diligent in the Work of the Lord’

Last week, Candace Payne posted a video of herself wearing a Chewbacca mask that went viral. Now, the 37-year-old mother of two is sharing her faith with young people.

The video of Payne wearing the Chewbacca mask, which she titled “It’s the simple joys in life…”, was viewed over 137 million times.

According to Relevantmagazine.com, Payne said she is so grateful to the Lord for this opportunity to share her faith and joy with the world. 

Payne has done many interviews and recently had the opportunity to speak to a crowd of young people at the Southwestern Assemblies of God University’s Regional Fine Arts event. 

At the event, Payne told the audience, “When I was 16, I had a vision and dream from the Lord about my future about being used for His glory. I didn’t understand the interpretation of it. I still, to this day, at 37 years old try to figure that dream out. That dream has never left my heart, nor my mind, nor the way that I walk and follow Jesus.”

Payne is a worship leader who says she hopes she can use her newfound fame to draw others to the Lord.

“I know that God has gifted me in many different areas, and sometimes I wake up and feel like I’m a jack of many trades, and a master of none, because I have that creative buzz in me constantly going … [What] I would tell myself at your age is this:

‘It doesn't matter how talented, how anointed, how gifted, how passionate or how willing you are if you're not fit to do the things that God has called you to do. And that is spiritually fit. The thing that will take you further and further in the Kingdom of God is three things: Diligence. Be diligent in the work of the Lord.’”

To watch Payne’s video, see below.

Photo courtesy: Candace Payne Instagram

Publication date: May 24, 2016

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