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British Christian School "Downgraded" for Refusing to Include Clergy of Another Faith in Assemblies

Russ Jones | Christian Press | Wednesday, October 29, 2014

British Christian School "Downgraded" for Refusing to Include Clergy of Another Faith in Assemblies

A Christian school’s rating in the UK has been downgraded from “good” to “adequate” for refusing to include a clergy member of a different faith in school assemblies. 

According to Charisma Magazine, the Department for Education has informed an unnamed independent school in the Home Counties it failed to meet new policies set by the department. Education officials maintain the school has not invited a clergy member of a different religion, such as an Imam, to speak at school assemblies.

"We want to see the problem of Islamic extremism in schools dealt with,” said Andrea Williams, chief executive of the United Kingdom-based Christian Concern. “But these guidelines haven't been worded carefully enough which means schools such as this one are being unreasonably chastised for reflecting their Christian ethos.”

Christian Concern represents the school in an effort to protect it from the Department of Education, which is requiring the promotion of “British Values.”

Charisma Magazine reports the policy was introduced in response to the "Trojan Horse" schools scandal in Birmingham, which was an Islamist attempt to radicalize children in British schools.

"There is a deep irony here that Christianity—the faith which gave rise to so many treasured British values such as individual freedoms, tolerance and respect for others—is being portrayed as 'un-British'. The guidelines must be revised to tackle the real problem without penalizing others," said Williams.

Publication date: October 29, 2014