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Beth Moore Speaks out in Solidarity with Sex Abuse Victims Following SBC Abuse Report

Kayla Koslosky | ChristianHeadlines.com Editor | Updated: Feb 12, 2019
Beth Moore Speaks out in Solidarity with Sex Abuse Victims Following SBC Abuse Report

Beth Moore Speaks out in Solidarity with Sex Abuse Victims Following SBC Abuse Report

Beth Moore is speaking out following the publication of an investigative article in the Houston Chronicle that revealed that some 700 people were sexually abused by leaders in the Southern Baptist Church.

As Christian Headlines previously reported, the Houston Chronicle found that since 1998, approximately 380 SBC leaders and volunteers faced allegations of sexual misconduct. Of the 380 SBC leaders accused, 220 have been convicted, nearly 100 are still in prison and more than 100 are now registered sex offenders.

Moore, who has opened up in the past about being a sexual abuse survivor, took to Twitter to voice her frustration with the new findings, CBN News reports.

She wrote, “It’s monstrously common for victims to be abused again by one they thought safe to tell. 2nd wave abuse occurs when those told are either scandalized (backs off, “don’t tell me more”) or tantalized (moves in, “oh tell me more”). Both heap shame upon shame.”

In a subsequent post, the Christian author shared a photo of herself playing the piano as a child and captioned it, “We understand how you feel. We didn’t want to know about sexual abuse either.”

Moore’s post garnered an onslaught of support as dozens of women began to respond to her post by sharing photos of themselves at the age they were sexually abused.

One woman shared a photo of her younger self sitting on a mechanical horse and captioned it, “I really didn’t want to know my dad that way.”

Another woman shared, “I was 17 when my youth pastor raped me and the senior pastor told me I was a temptress, damned for hell and no longer welcome. When I told Ed my truth he blocked me.”

Dozens of other women stood in solidarity with Moore simply captioning their photos, “I didn’t want to know either.” 

Moore offered words of encouragement to each person who shared a photo before taking to Twitter again to offer a collective note of encouragement and truth. 

Moore wrote, “In tears scrolling through childhood pictures of sexual abuse survivors thinking how... *utterly precious each one is, how innocent and worthy of valuing and protecting. *most victimizations are never reported. *many victims who reported got blamed. *some victims don’t survive.”

She added, “Also thinking how many pictures of little boys could’ve also shown up in that thread. Our darling brothers, we know you were among us. We know this doesn’t just happen to girls. You count. We weep for you, too. It was not your fault either. Jesus, redeem. Raise up. Reform us.”

Following the release of this report, Southern Baptists Convention President J.D. Greear has made it clear that “changes are coming” for the SBC. In a series of 9 Tweets, Greear wrote, “I am broken over what was revealed today. The abuses described in this @HoustonChron article are pure evil. I join with countless others who are currently ‘weeping with those who weep.’”

He continued, “We—leaders in the SBC—should have listened to the warnings of those who tried to call attention to this. I am committed to doing everything possible to ensure we never make these mistakes again.”

“As a denomination, now is a time to mourn and repent. Changes are coming. They must. We cannot just promise to “do better” and expect that to be enough. But today, change begins with feeling the full weight of the problem,” the SBC President concluded.

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Beth Moore Speaks out in Solidarity with Sex Abuse Victims Following SBC Abuse Report