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Al Mohler Says Hillsong Church Minimizes Gospel

Carrie Dedrick | Friday, September 12, 2014

Al Mohler Says Hillsong Church Minimizes Gospel

Al Mohler, acclaimed theologian and president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, has reportedly called out Hillsong Church for minimizing the gospel. 

Mohler told the New York Times, "It's a prosperity movement for the millennials, in which the polyester and middle-class associations of Oral Roberts have given way to ripped jeans and sophisticated rock music. What has made Hillsong distinctive is a minimization of the actual content of the gospel and a far more diffuse presentation of spirituality."

Hillsong is a megachurch associated with Australian Christian Churches (the Australian equivalent of the Assemblies of God). The church, which is anchored in Sydney, Australia, reportedly attracts 30,000 at its main branch every Sunday. 

Publication date: September 12, 2014