New York Times Editor Scolds Paper for Burying Libya Scandal

In response to criticism from The New York Times' public editor, Margaret Sullivan, about the paper's decision not to run its story about the Oct. 10 Libya congressional hearings on the front page, the Times' managing editor and executive editor explained that they didn't see "anything significantly new" in the "politicized" hearings and that's why they tucked coverage inside.

One Month After Libya Attack, Questions Remain

The initial story coming from the White House was that an anti-Muslim video sparked the violence. They now admit that the attack began before the video surfaced. What's more, the State Department now admits the attack wasn't spontaneous, but planned by terrorists.

Islam's Pattern Throughout History

When they get to a certain percentage of the population they rise up and demand special rights. Then, as their numbers grow, they penetrate government, either through elections or by other means. When they have sufficient strength they take over and make everyone else submit to their authority and sharia law.