Top 10 Articles of March 2011

Top 10 Articles of March 2011

A major earthquake hit Japan last month while revolution spread in Northern Africa - does that mean the world is ending? This and more in the most popular articles of March.

Is the World About to End? What Should I Do Now?
by Dr. Roger Barrier
No society or culture lasts forever. All eventually collapse—the United States will not be the exception. So what are some of the spiritual implications for this seemingly-crumbling world as it stands today?

A Gay Awakening?
by Dr. James Emery White
The events of the last several weeks have been seismic in nature, yet occurring so fast that even the most seasoned of pundits have struggled to stay abreast of their full meaning. No, I don’t mean the revolutions of the Middle East, though that would also be true. I mean the crowning acceptance of homosexuality and gay marriage in mainstream culture.

I Stress, Therefore I Am: 10 Ways to De-Stress & Enjoy Rest
by Bonnie Gray
Some days I just give up. I wake up and stress greets me, personified by the pile of laundry staring at me. Is it realistic for the Christian to expect a stress-free life? How do you de-stress?

A Word of Encouragement for a Season of Doubt
by Bayless Conley
Being a Christian doesn't mean you won't have doubts. John the Baptist went straight to the Lord with his doubts… and so must we!

Earthquake, Tsunmai Rock Japan
edited and compiled by Crosswalk Editorial Staff
Be in prayer for the people of Japan and the Pacific rim. An underwater earthquake off Japan's northeast coast has caused destruction and at least 32 deaths, and sent huge walls of water across the Pacific Ocean towards Hawaii, Australia, and the North and South American coastlines.

Achieving Emotional Sobriety
by Dr. David B. Hawkins
Sobriety — being sober in our approach to certain aspects of living — is not only wise, but Biblical as well.

Spiritual Gifts: Listed by Paul, Motivated by Love
by Stanley Ward
Christians love spiritual stuff. We discuss spiritual fruit and spiritual disciplines, and we argue much about spiritual gifts. But do we really understand what we are talking about? We should!

How to Fight Injustice with Love
by Whitney Hopler
If you respond to God’s calling to fight injustice, He’ll give you the love you need to be an agent of change. Here’s how you can learn The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor.

The Once and Future Bible: Why We Still Need the KJV
by Stan Guthrie
What we call the KJV had a reach that extended down from heaven and did much to transform the earth, touching both prince and pauper.

Divinely Blinded: Lessons from the Road to Emmaus
by Judy Salisbury
When reviewing the Emmaus account, many people seem to have the same nagging question. Why didn’t those two downcast disciples of Jesus recognize Him immediately when He happened upon them?