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Religion Today Summaries - September 14, 2005

Compiled & Edited by Crosswalk News Staff

Religion Today Summaries - September 14, 2005

Daily briefs of the top news stories impacting Christians around the world. In today's edition:

  • Salvation Army Commissioner Joins CEN's Mary Marr Calling for National Commitment Sunday Sept 18

  • Faith Blossoms In Mobile Amid Katrina's Challenges 

  •  Hurricane Katrina: World Vision Working Alongside Churches to Provide Emergency Supplies 

  • Archaeology and Forensics add Modern Insight to Ancient Events in National Geographic Channel's New Series

Salvation Army Commissioner Joins CEN's Mary Marr Calling for a National Commitment Sunday Sept 18
Michael Ireland, Assist News Service

In order to help ensure that Christian efforts in response to Hurricane Katrina will be sustained long-term, the Christian Emergency Network (CEN) and Salvation Army (SA) are calling on the Body of Christ to designate this Sunday, September 18 as National Commitment Sunday. In a media release obtained by ASSIST News Service (ANS), Salvation Army U.S Commissioner Todd Basset said: "As our nation unites and bows before Almighty God in prayer this week for the victims and grieving families, let us also seek Him for unified strength and love to care for those afflicted from Hurricane Katrina in Biblical proportion. We call upon each Christian to commit to what they will do or are already doing together as one Body of Christ on National Commitment Sunday, September 18." Both CEN's CEO Mary Marr and Salvation Army Commissioner Todd Bassett said the purpose of the call is to help ensure that Christians nationwide will continue to pour out their time, talents, and love to Hurricane Katrina victims as long as necessary. The National Commitment Sunday occurs on the same weekend as the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance called for by President Bush. Marr added: "These events occurring together should help us focus on what we must first do - pray - so that we can have the discernment to show care and share our resources in a manner pleasing to God."

Faith Blossoms In Mobile Amid Katrina's Challenges
Doug Rogers, Baptist Press

Stella Lewis responded to the hurricane with a desire to help. Feeling blessed that she and her family were safe, she stopped by Moffett Road Baptist Church, a staging area for Alabama Baptist disaster relief work and site of a feeding unit, and asked what she could do. While unloading supplies from a truck, Richard Smith, a disaster relief volunteer from Etowah Baptist Association, noticed Lewis. Moved by her compassion, Smith asked if she was a Christian. "I told him I was not," Lewis said. "I was brought up in the church but through time had gotten away." Smith and Lewis went to the church's chapel, where he shared the plan of salvation and she found faith in Christ. "I told her we walk by faith and we're not perfect but the bottom line is I want to see her in heaven," Smith said. Lewis spent several days volunteering her time on the feeding line, and now has a new motivation for serving. "When I look back at this tragedy, I'll also see and remember that out of this tragedy for me came an admission to myself that I had been putting off coming back to Christ," she said. "Out of this disaster, now I feel like my life is whole."

Hurricane Katrina: World Vision Working Alongside Churches to Provide Emergency Supplies
World Vision

Traumatized and homeless, many hurricane survivors are now showing up on the doorsteps of local churches asking for help. Churches are being overwhelmed by the needs.  Along with FEMA and the Red Cross, churches are on the frontline providing shelter and food for evacuees. World Vision is partnering with churches in demonstrating the love of God by caring for the survivors. They are helping churches, faith-based organizations as well as other local agencies by providing them with supplies, material and financial support to aid the evacuees. To date, more than 24,000 people have received supplies. World Vision is known worldwide for moving quickly and efficiently when disaster strikes. Their international team of disaster specialist who helped with the South Asia tsunami is now lending their expertise to help America's tragedy. They will be providing both short and long-term assistance to hurricane survivors as they work in partnership with churches, faith-based organizations and local agencies. Lives have been shattered. Families torn apart. Experts estimate 1 million Americans have lost their homes. Please join, take action, and pray for children and families who have been devastated by Hurricane Katrina. (www.worldvision.org)

Archaeology and Forensics add Modern Insight to Ancient Events in National Geographic Channel's New Series
Religion News Service

A New Perspective on Age-Old Tales, from Noah's Flood through the Life of Jesus. The Bible has changed history, captured the curiosity of the world and inspired the faith of millions. Its images and stories have been interpreted throughout our culture in many diverse forms, from Renaissance paintings and Broadway musicals to best-selling novels and blockbuster films. But what can modern science tell us about the real people, places and events portrayed in the Bible?  Now, return to the Holy Land and journey back in time with the National Geographic Channel's (NGC) new series "Science of the Bible" , premiering Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.  Each week, join forensic detectives, scientists, historians and archaeologists on a quest to reveal truths hidden behind some of the greatest stories ever told.  Science of the Bible uses modern technology and research to explore a wide range of topics. Science of the Bible utilizes recent archaeological discoveries and forensic tools to yield fascinating insight into biblical stories. The series also draws on the expertise of leading scientists and historians who have dedicated themselves to biblical phenomena.