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Religion Today Daily Headlines - August 2, 2012

Religion Today Daily Headlines - August 2, 2012

Daily briefs of the top news stories impacting Christians around the world.

In today's edition:

  • India: Christians Tormented with Music, Then Attacked
  • Olympics Art Show Features Faith-Inspired Painting
  • Pakistan: Eight Christian Nurses ‘Poisoned’


India: Christians Tormented with Music, Then Attacked

For months, a group of Hindu extremists in southern India had been blasting high-volume movie music at the prayer meetings of a local Christian ministry -- but in early July, the harassment crossed the line to assault when the Hindus burst into the prayer meeting of EndTime Ministries, knocked three worshippers unconscious and ripped the clothes off a widow, Open Doors News reports. The assault occurred in the village of Romagonadanahalli in central Karnataka, a fast-growing, comparatively wealthy state in southwest India. The Christians lodged a police complaint against the Hindu extremists, who filed a counter-complaint against the EndTime pastor, identified by the single name Mounesh. Both sides appeared in court July 27, where the magistrate told Pastor Mounesh he should not conduct worship services in homes. EndTime Ministries has no building of its own; meetings and worship services are typically held in the pastor's house. The ministry has stopped all Christian activities in the area, and Mounesh has moved services to another location for safety reasons.

Olympics Art Show Features Faith-Inspired Painting

Christian artist Leighton Autrey is just one of four American artists whose work is being displayed at the 2012 Olympics Art Show in London, the Christian Post reports. Autrey’s piece, titled “Wavering, James 1:2-8,” depicts a man being thrown by a large wave, which Autrey says represents the man’s doubt. “That’s what happens if you doubt God and doubt yourself and doubt your abilities that God gave you,” Autrey said. “You have to trust in Him and trust in what He’s given you, and, if you do, you will prosper.” Prior to his work as an artist, Autrey was headed toward a career in professional baseball. Shortly after getting drafted by the Seattle Mariners, however, a family crisis caused him to rethink a career in art. Only 12 works of art were accepted into the London Olympics art show.

Pakistan: Eight Christian Nurses ‘Poisoned’

Eight Christian trainee nurses were admitted to Pakistan’s Civil Hospital after they allegedly drank poisoned tea prepared by their hostel on Sunday night, ICC reports. Local Christians claim that the nurses were deliberately poisoned because of their faith. At a press conference at the Karachi Press Club, Christian activists alleged the hospital was hiding facts. The hostel superintendent, Nasreen Gill, told local news that the girls had made the tea themselves. “We have sent the samples of the ‘poisoned tea’ to Aga Khan Hospital and the toxicology report will be available tomorrow [Wednesday],” Gill said.

Publication date: August 2, 2012