German Cleric vs. Bush, Briner Award, Burnhams & Pedophiles

German Cleric vs. Bush, Briner Award, Burnhams & Pedophiles

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German Cleric at Forefront of Anti-US Demonstrations
Berlin, May 22 (idea)-- A leading cleric of mainline Protestant Churches in Germany was one of the main speakers at an anti-Bush demonstration in Berlin. Tens of thousands gathered in the German capital on the eve of the U.S. President's state visit May 22-23 to protest against U.S. foreign policies. General Superintendent (regional bishop) Rolf Wischnath of East Germany emphasized that he was speaking "as a Christian" at a demonstration organized by the peace movement.

Wischnath, a prominent Pacifist, regards the "war on terrorism" conducted by the United States and its allies in Afghanistan as an "unsuitable means" to fight terrorism. According to idea news agency, he criticized the "war rhetoric" of Bush, who had spoken of a "battle between good and evil" and an "axis of evil." Wischnath said that the thousands of civilians who had been killed by the military campaign in Afghanistan exceeded the number of victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. According to Wischnath, this record "testifies to the irresponsible nature of this war."

Spokespersons of the Protestant Churches in Germany and the regional church in Berlin and Brandenburg describe Wischnath's participation in the demonstration as "his private matter." Berlin's Bishop Wolfgang Huber said he doubted that anti-American demonstrations would be helpful. George W. Bush, the first U.S. President to address the German Parliament, said he welcomed peaceful demonstrations as an expression of democratic freedom.


ABC News Producer Receives Briner Award
Jody Hassett, a producer for ABC's  World News Tonight, received the second annual Robert A. Briner Impact Award at a ceremony on the campus of Biola University, near Los Angeles. The award was created to honor Christian professionals in the arts and media whose work has made a mark in media and entertainment.

 Robert A. Briner was an Emmy-award winning television producer and global pioneer in sports media who worked with sports giants like Arthur Ashe, Dave Dravecky, Michael Jordan and others. His greatest lasting legacy, however was authoring "Roaring Lambs," a book that encouraged artists and media professionals to pursue excellence and to "give people the chance to choose good things instead of bad things."

 Hassett is presently a producer in the Washington Bureau for ABC World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, reporting on everything from religion and social issues to breaking news for the evening broadcast, as well as writing and producing occasional special segments for Peter Jennings. At the award ceremony, Hassett spoke about the impact television has on culture, politics, and the very definition of what is true. "Media today has the kind of power that the church did in the middle ages," said Hassett. "Then, the church appeared to have the power to bestow salvation - and today, the media has that same kind of power, with its ability to confer or to take away celebrity."


Two Special Days of Prayer for Burnhams
New Tribes Mission (NTM) has issued a call to prayer on Sunday and Monday for kidnapped missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham. The couple was kidnapped on May 27, 2001, and continues to be held hostage by members of the Abu Sayyaf Group. NTM is asking congregations to pray for the Burnhams at their Sunday morning services, and also asking individuals to pray for them Monday, the anniversary date of their capture. 

Specifically, pray that soon, they and their fellow hostage, Filipina nurse Deborah Yap, will be released. Please also pray that the couple's parents, Paul and Oreta Burnham and Norvin and Betty Jo Jones, will have the strength and wisdom to not only be able to make it through this difficult time, but to be shining lights for Christ. NTM also asks that you pray that Martin and Gracia's children, Jeff, Mindy and Zach, will have peace and comfort. Pray that Deborah's family will be provided for. They are quite poor, and Deborah was the family breadwinner. NTM has been helping them, but they really need their mom.

According to NTM, conflicting reports make it difficult to know where the couple is being held. Reports that they are ill continue to come in, but these cannot be confirmed. Martin, 42, and Gracia, 43, from Kansas, were kidnapped from a resort off the island of Palawan in the Philippines. Martin grew up in the Philippines, where his parents have been missionaries for more than 32 years. The Burnhams have been members of NTM since 1985.


Planned Parenthood & National Abortion Federation Caught Harboring Pedophiles
For the past 9 months Life Dynamics, has compiled evidence that American abortion clinics and family planning organizations are knowingly violating state and federal laws that require them to report the sexual abuse of children. The investigation was conducted by a team of investigators and researchers at the Texas based pro-life organization led by founder and president, Mark Crutcher.

The problem Life Dynamics uncovered is much more widespread than they had anticipated when the project began. Today, among girls 15 and younger who get pregnant, at least 60 percent are impregnated by adult men. In fact, the data shows that a junior high school girl is now more likely to become pregnant by a grown man than by a boy near her own age. Life Dynamics conducted extensive research into this issue and has assembled a mountain of evidence showing that a primary contributing factor is the cover-up being perpetrated by Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation.

Crutcher says Life Dynamics plans to educate the public about this widespread illegal concealment of child sexual abuse, while also educating victims about their legal rights. Ultimately, Crutcher says, they intend to see those individuals and organizations that are responsible for this criminal failure to report child sexual abuse hauled into court and held accountable.


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