Cardinal Law, West Bank Aid, Jordanian Case & Tithing

Cardinal Law, West Bank Aid, Jordanian Case & Tithing

Pressure is Growing for the Resignation of Cardinal Law ... People are calling for "the head" of the head of the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston, who is accused of mishandling sex abuse cases involving priests. But AP wire reports also say Law has his share of supporters, including one alleged victim. Ralph DelVecchio, reportedly molested by accused pedophile priest John Geoghan, agreed that Law "might be the best person fix the problems, provided there isn't evidence Law acted maliciously in shuttling priests between churches." The Bishop has apologized for moving Geoghan from parish to parish. New evidence indicates Law also handled the indiscretions of another accused priest, the Rev. Paul Shanley, in similar fashion.

World Vision Provides Humanitarian Aid in West Bank ... World Vision Jerusalem, accompanied by other humanitarian organizations, has been finally able to enter the city of Nablus in the West Bank to distribute food and medical supplies to residents and hospitals inside the city. A World Vision press release indicates that the convoy was delayed at numerous checkpoints that isolate the city from its surroundings. But after several hours of negotiating with Israeli armed force, two trucks carrying medical and food supplies and clearly marked NGO cars were allowed entry. Dan Simmons, the director of World Vision Jerusalem, reports that the infrastructure of the city of Nablus "is in ruins, buildings are completely destroyed and the roads are uprooted."

Jordanian Christian Widow Ordered to Surrender Children ...Christian Solidarity Worldwide is reporting that an Arab Christian widow has been told by Jordan's Supreme Court that she must surrender custody of her children to a Muslim guardian. The Supreme Court upheld an earlier decision that ruled the woman had proven herself "unfit to be a custodian of her children" by "distancing them from Islamic rituals and doctrine." The earlier decision added that "her registering them in a Christian school and her insistence on Christian education and accompanying them to church is contrary to what trustworthiness and reliability means," according to news agency Compass Direct.

Americans Gave More in 2001 ... In light of numerous reports from churches and non-profit organizations that 2001 was a tough year financially, George Barna cites research from his forthcoming book, "The State of the Church: 2002" that shows an increase in giving. Among the factors addressed in the report are: how much money people donated during the year, and which population groups were most generous; the proportion of people's giving that went to churches; the number of people who tithed their income, and how giving in 2001 differed from giving in prior years. You can get free access to the findings by going directly to

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Finally, a note of thanksgiving: Two Christian leaders, arrested in Sudan, have been released. Rev. Peter Hammond and Bishop Bullen Dolli, who work with Frontline Fellowship in Sudan, were arrested last Saturday and detained in Yei Province by the Sudan People's Liberation Army. A spokesman for Frontline Fellowship said the two were being held on "trumped-up charges of treason and insurrection." The latest press release thanks all those who have prayed for the release of Hammond and the Bishop.