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Exploring Judea

Exploring Judea

The region of Judea is situated just south of Jerusalem and holds much historical significance because it is part of the biblical tribe of Judea. The area includes a wealth of biblical sites and places to visit.

Just south of Jerusalem and west of Bethlehem is Kfar Etzion, a religious kibbutz, originally established in the 1940s, destroyed by the Jordanians in 1948 and re-established by the children of the original settlers in 1967.

A moving audio-visual presentation tells the story of the brave pioneers of this community both then and now. Nearby is the Path of the Patriarchs, the remains of the original road that Abraham traveled as he made his way to Mt. Moriah for the binding of Isaac. Remnants of Roman milestones and a ritual bath dating from the Second Temple period can be found along the path.

Further south is Hebron, the cradle of Jewish civilization. It is here that Abraham purchased the Machpela Cave and the surrounding field to bury his wife Sarah. It is the burial place of the patriarchs and the matriarchs and revered to this day as a synagogue and holy place. Hebron was King David's first capital city, where he ruled for seven years, and archaeological excavations have exposed ruins from King David's time.  In nearby Kiryat Arba, there is a small museum with archaeological finds from Abraham's time to modern times.

In Sussya, a second-century Jewish city has been excavated and some of the ancient rooms and buildings restored to create a real-life impression of the ancient city. In the nearby modern community of Sussya, the synagogue is modeled after the ruins of the ancient synagogue found nearby.

For more information about visiting Judea, or to visit local Israelis in the area, please contact [email protected] or visit Christian Friends of Israeli Communities.   

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Exploring Judea