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Man Declared Insane, Sent to Mental Hospital for Faith in Christ

Religion Today

Man Declared Insane, Sent to Mental Hospital for Faith in Christ

May 10, 2012

A North African man named Mohammed who converted to Christianity from Islam was forced by his relatives to see a psychiatrist to "cure" him of his new faith, Mission Network News reports. Mohammed was in Saudi Arabia for business when he phoned his father to tell him he had become a Christian. His father responded by telling all Mohammed's relatives in Saudi Arabia not to allow his son to leave Islam. The relatives took Mohammed's computer and tried to force him to return to Islam, and his Saudi employer threatened to fire him and send him to prison, but Mohammed managed to return to North Africa in peace. When he arrived, however, a relative took him to see a sheikh, who determined that Mohammed was mentally ill and needed to see a psychiatrist. His family committed him to a mental hospital, where he received electric shock therapy -- which failed to "cure" him of his faith. For a long time afterward, Mohammed was afraid to go to church, but finally met with a worker from Pioneers and Arab World Ministries to learn more about the Bible. The Pioneers worker reported that Mohammed was "full of joy that he met people who would listen to him, encourage him, pray with him and not tell him he was mentally ill." Mohammed now owns a Bible and attends church, eager to keep learning about Jesus and His Word.