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Franklin Graham Speaks Out About Voting for a Mormon

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Franklin Graham Speaks Out About Voting for a Mormon

December 23, 2011

In an interview with CBN News, the Rev. Franklin Graham said he saw nothing wrong with an evangelical Christian voting for a Mormon for president. Many evangelical Christians have reservations about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's beliefs -- 41 percent say they would not vote for a Mormon -- but Graham said Romney's faith should not be a deal-breaker. "I think when we are voting for president we need to get the person who is absolutely the most qualified," he said. "You can have the nicest guy and he can be a Christian and just wonderful but have absolutely no clue as to how to run a country -- you don't want that. You want somebody who understands Washington, who understands government, who understands how to bring people together so that we can move this country forward. ... We need to pray that God would give the right man or right woman to lead this country."