Thousands of Syrians are Coming to Christ

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Thousands of Syrians are Coming to Christ

According to the Christian Telegraph, thousands of Muslim Syrians are coming to Christ through the ministry and relief aid of Christian Aid Mission. Representatives from partner ministries in Turkey, Iraq, and Lebanon spoke out about the conversions, and their hopes for the future. “In our country hundreds of people have accepted the Messiah,” Turkey’s representative shared; and the Lebanon representative reported, “I would say there are thousands in Syria and the surrounding countries that are becoming Christians.” When asked if many of the conversions were taking place because people are simply desirous of food and shelter, representatives had mixed thoughts. Lebanon and Turkey seemed fairly certain that some “rice Christians” are merely seeking help, but Iraq’s spokesperson confidently said, “No, we make sure that the decision is made willingly, without putting any pressure on the person.”

As shared by the representative, Turkish converts have little to fear from local Mulsim leaders, but Iraqi and Lebanese converts must be much more secretive in their meeting and evangelizing. In Syria, the threat of Christian persecution is very real.


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