New Holy Land Museum Will Bring Bible to Life

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New Holy Land Museum Will Bring Bible to Life

The Israeli government has approved an idea to build a Bible museum in the land of Jesus' birth, and the project will combine exhibits depicting Old Testament characters and times along with displays of biblical artifacts, the Christian Post reports. Israel's governing body, the Knesset, approved the Israel Bible Valley project on Nov. 13 and will soon decide the museum's location -- some possibilities include historic biblical regions such as Neot Kendumin and Adulam. According to Emek Hatanakh, the Israeli non-profit organization behind the project, the exhibits could include functional biblical farms and villages, archaeological digs and performances of Bible stories once the museum opens. "It's absurd that in the land of the Bible, there is no center dedicated to it," said Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister. Shimon Peres, Israel's president, said: "There is no other book in the entire world quite like the Hebrew Bible, whose pages are old and withered, but whose ideas are fresh and alive. It is eternal and has significance to each new generation."


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