Netanyahu: U.S. Voters Should Consider 'Red Line' with Iran

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Netanyahu: U.S. Voters Should Consider 'Red Line' with Iran

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appealed to American voters on Sunday, urging them to elect a president willing to draw a line on when Iran would face military attack over its nuclear weapons program, Fox News reports. After Obama refused to set specific boundaries on Iran last week, the Israeli leader took to CNN’s “State of the Union” and NBC’s “Meet the Press” to express his frustration. He compared Tehran’s nuclear program to Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh to appeal to his American audience. “It’s like Timothy McVeigh walking into a shop in Oklahoma City and saying, 'I’d like to tend my garden. I’d like to buy some fertilizer.' … Come on. We know that they’re working on a weapon,” Netanyahu said. Obama’s Republican opponent, Mitt Romney, has said he is willing to take a tougher stance than Obama against Iran, although his campaign has declined to provide specifics. Meanwhile, Obama continues to insist that the U.S. will not allow Iran to produce a nuclear weapon.


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