Iranian Official Calls for 'Islamic Awakening' to Destroy Israel

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Iranian Official Calls for 'Islamic Awakening' to Destroy Israel

An Iranian official called this week for an "Islamic Awakening" movement to help Palestinian Authority Arabs "demolish the Zionist regime," Israel National News reports. The comments were made at a conference in Tehran on Nakba Day -- "the day of catastrophe" -- which is what Arabs call May 15, the date Israel was re-established as a state in 1948. The official, Hossein Sheikholeslam, said in a brief address at the end of the conference: "In success of a revolution, three major factors need to play effective roles, and they are the people, the leadership and the school of thought, or ideology. If we wish success for the Palestinians, the existence of these three factors is necessary, as they did exist in the case of the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. ... In the near future, the Islamic Awakening movement [will] also swallow the Zionist regime." Another speaker at the conference, Salah Zawawi, the Palestinian Authority ambassador in Tehran, said the one and only way to "soothe the Arabs' pains and agony" was the annihilation of Israel.


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