Egypt's Morsi Warns Israel Will Pay Heavy Price

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Egypt's Morsi Warns Israel Will Pay Heavy Price

Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi sharpened his tone against Israel on Friday as Palestinian terrorists continued to fire rockets into southern Israel and Tel Aviv, reports. Morsi condemned Israel's "aggression" against Gaza and warned the Jewish state of the consequences of its strikes there. "We have the power to uproot the aggressiveness just like it uprooted exploitation," Morsi tweeted, adding: "I don't want to take unusual steps, but if I see that the homeland is in danger, I won't hesitate." He further said that the post-Mubarak Egypt was completely different and that all Egyptians were determined to stop Israel's offensive on the Gaza Strip. Earlier this week, after more than 120 rockets hit southern Israel in a 48-hour period, including several direct hits, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated to the international community that Israel would fight for the right to defend its people. "I don't know of any of your governments who could accept such attacks," Netanyahu said. "We will take whatever action is necessary to put a stop to this." Since 2011, nearly 13,000 rockets and mortars have landed in Israel, more than 8,000 of them since the government's 2005 pullout from the Gaza Strip.


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