Two Iranian Christians Released From Prison

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Two Iranian Christians Released From Prison

After months in prison and solitary confinement, two Iranian Christians have recently been released, Mission Network News reports. Noorollah Qabitizse, 48, a house church leader arrested during a raid on Christmas Eve 2010, was released after serving 19 months in prison. Though he suffered mental abuse as the result of authorities interrogating him and trying to force him to denounce his faith, he started a Bible study in Dezful prison. However, when authorities learned of his activities, they transferred him to Ahwaz prison as punishment. The second Christian released was 24-year-old Ehsan Behrouz, a student studying management at the University of Mashhad. After his arrest in October 2011, Behrouz spent eight months in prison, including 105 days in solitary confinement. Though he has been released, he hasn't been able to resume classes, and his education is at stake. Other Christian students in the past have been forcibly deprived of their education.


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