Thousands Rally in Egypt Against Israel Offensive

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Thousands Rally in Egypt Against Israel Offensive

Thousands of Egyptians protested Friday against Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip as Egypt's prime minister visited the Palestinian enclave in a symbolic show of support for the territory's Hamas rulers, reports. The protests in Egypt highlighted public sentiment against the Israeli military operation in Gaza, which started with the assassination of Hamas' military chief and which Israel says is a response to rocket fire by Gaza militants. Egyptians marched Friday in the country's two largest cities, Cairo and Alexandria, many waving Palestinian flags and chanting slogans against Israel. In Cairo's Tahrir Square, a few hundred protesters burned an Israeli flag. The demonstrations were called by Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood group, and prominent Brotherhood figures took part, many brandishing the checkered Palestinian scarf during the marches. Hamas is a Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in the Gaza Strip.


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