Survey: Christians Differ From Jesus on Abortion, Gay Marriage

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Survey: Christians Differ From Jesus on Abortion, Gay Marriage

February 5, 2012

A new study of Christians' views of political issues found that conservative and liberal Christians alike believe their views on abortion and same-sex marriage would differ from Jesus' views of the same issues if He were on earth today, the Christian Post reports. Liberal and conservative Christians both said Jesus' views of morality-related issues like abortion and gay marriage would be stricter than theirs, and also both said they believed Jesus would be more compassionate than they were toward illegal immigrants and the poor. Conservatives believed Jesus would be more open to reducing economic inequality, but both groups said the issues most important to them would be of the same importance to Jesus. The study apparently shows that people's political views are often separated from the teachings of their faith. "There is a reality that conservatives are more religious than liberals," Ross said. "It's more important for [conservatives] to reconcile their views with their religion."


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