Study: Most Churchgoers Don't Read Bible Daily

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Study: Most Churchgoers Don't Read Bible Daily

While the majority of churchgoers desire to honor Christ with their lives and even profess to think on biblical truths, a recent study found few actually engage in personal reading and study of the Bible, Baptist Press reports. The survey by LifeWay Research found 90 percent of churchgoers agree that "I desire to please and honor Jesus in all I do," and 59 percent agree that "throughout the day I find myself thinking about biblical truths." However, when asked how often they personally -- not as part of a church worship service -- read the Bible, 19 percent said "every day," 26 percent said "a few times a week," 14 percent said "once a week," 22 percent said "once a month" or "a few times a month," and 18 percent said "rarely/never."


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