Study: Reality TV Negatively Impacts Young Girls

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Study: Reality TV Negatively Impacts Young Girls

A study by the Girl Scout Research Institute shows that regular viewing of reality TV by pre-teen and teen girls promotes "bad behavior" and insecurity, the Christian Newswire reports. In a survey of girls ages 11-17, 47 percent identified themselves as regular viewers of reality TV, 30 percent said they watched sometimes and 23 percent said they never watched. Of the regular viewers, 70 percent said they spent a lot of time on their appearance, 38 percent said a girl's value was based on how she looked (versus 28 percent of non-viewers), 30 percent said they would rather be recognized for outer beauty rather than inner beauty (versus 18 percent of non-viewers) and 40 percent believed "you have to lie to get ahead" (versus 24 percent of non-viewers).


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