Newspaper Evangelism Makes Inroads for Hope in Nepal

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Newspaper Evangelism Makes Inroads for Hope in Nepal

December 26, 2011

In Nepal, Christians are only 4 percent of the population, and recent unrest in the country has been disruptive for ministires, but one organization has found one way to spread the gospel: Newspaper evangelism. Mission Network News reports that AMG International is placing gospel messages as paid advertisements in local newspapers around the world -- a method that is especially effective in Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist countries since newspapers enter many homes where Christians might never be allowed. To those who respond to the ads, AMG sends a Bible and Bible correspondence courses and encourages respondents to begin attending church and studying the Bible. In Nepal, AMG's ad appeared in a magazine with a circulation of 45,000. There were 775 responses over the next seven months, and through the follow-up, 233 people accepted Jesus Christ. More than half are now in further Bible study.


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