Miseries of Christians in Pakistan Abound Under Islamic Domination

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Miseries of Christians in Pakistan Abound Under Islamic Domination

February 26, 2012

According to a Pakistani Christian leader who had to flee the country for his life, the miseries of Christians in Pakistan are enormous and visible at every level in a society that is dominated by the religion of Islam in the constitutional, political, judicial, social, cultural and governmental systems, the ASSIST News Service reports. Under the system of Islamic sharia law, Christians "do not have equal political and socio-economic status or equal opportunities," says Pastor Baber George. "The Christians are hated at the worst level. ... The Muslim fundamentalists are after them to search and kill them whenever they can find them." George added that "untouchable" and "detestable" are the marks of the Christian community: "The Christians are treated inhumanely, socially degraded, and of the lowest community. ... Even police authorities are chasing the Christian leaders. Those Christian religious ministers and human-rights activists who show special concern to the Christian victims, their life and properties, families and interests are under great danger."


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