Maryland Couple Considering 'Puberty Blockers' to Make Their Girl a Boy

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Maryland Couple Considering 'Puberty Blockers' to Make Their Girl a Boy

The Washington Post reports that a Maryland couple has no regrets about their decision to allow their 5-year-old daughter to live as a boy, according to Now 6, Tyler (formerly known as Kathryn) has been living as a boy after his family made a public switch 18 months ago when Kathryn insisted she was really a boy. A psychiatrist told the family that the switch would be healthy if they allowed Kathryn to pick a boy's name and if they were to able find a kindergarten that would allow them to enroll the child as a boy. According to the family, the transition has been somewhat seamless, and now, they're starting an informal support group with tips to help transgender youth adjust and adapt to the logistical concerns that arise from a switch at such an early age. Among the issues are school enrollment, sports and bathroom use -- and Tyler's parents will have to find a doctor who will begin tracking him for early signs of early puberty next year. Once there's a sign, they will have to decide whether to begin giving him puberty blockers. But Tyler's parents say they've had no second thoughts. "It's not a phase," said his mother, Jean. "Anyone who meets him says, 'Yeah, that's a boy.'"


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