Man Allowed to Pass Out Bibles at Gay Pride Festival

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Man Allowed to Pass Out Bibles at Gay Pride Festival

A last-minute court decision has allowed a Wisconsin man to set up a booth outside a gay pride celebration in Minneapolis to hand out Bibles, CBN News reports. "I do this once a year," says Brian Johnson, a taxidermist. "I talk to people about the love of Jesus Christ." Organizers of The Twin Cities Pride Festival responded by restricting Johnson's access to the event, a move that was upheld by a federal judge. "They did not like his beliefs regarding homosexual conduct and the Bible and they rejected his application," said Jonathan Scruggs, an Alliance Defense Fund attorney representing Johnson. However, on Thursday, after Johnson's attorneys filed an emergency appeal, the U.S. Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals granted him temporary access to the event -- though he will still have to go to court for future access. "I think it's a good sign, but it's far from decisive," Scruggs said. "The appeal is still ongoing."


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