Lisa Whelchel Struggles with Her Christian Convictions on ‘Survivor’

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Lisa Whelchel Struggles with Her Christian Convictions on ‘Survivor’

Lisa Whelchel has always been a huge fan of the show Survivor. Now the former Facts of Life star will be a contestant, Fox News reports. However, as a devout Christian, Whelchel is wondering how her faith will play out in a game where the only rule is "There are no rules." Whelchel said: “I didn’t want it to come across that I was asking God to be on my side to help me win a challenge or win a million dollars. That just doesn’t seem to line up with who God is.” While Whelchel was concerned about how lying -- a key component of the game -- might come across to other Christians, she wasn’t too concerned about the cursing and occasional nudity on the show. “Maybe because, personally, I have experienced so much judgment myself, I go overboard with mercy,” Whelchel explains. If she wins, Whelchel plans to give 10 percent of her earnings to her brother, who recently started a church in a low-income neighborhood in California. “I love what he’s doing and it would be a joy to give away 10 percent to him!”


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