Gosnell Jury Hung on Two Counts

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Gosnell Jury Hung on Two Counts

The jury deliberating murder charges against Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell announced Monday it is deadlocked on two counts but did not specify which charges they could not agree on, WORLD reports. Gosnell faces four first-degree murder charges in the deaths of babies prosecutors say were born alive during late-term abortions. He also faces a third-degree murder charge in the death of a patient given too much anesthesia, as well as hundreds of other charges. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in the case. After hearing the jurors' announcement, Judge Jeffrey Minehart asked them to try one more time to reach a consensus on the two counts. If they can't, he could accept their verdict on the other 256 counts and declare a mistrial on the two outliers. Monday marks the 10th day of deliberations for the jury, which sat through five weeks of testimony to get to this point.


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