Flooded Virginia Clinic Kept Doing Abortions After Hurricane Sandy

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Flooded Virginia Clinic Kept Doing Abortions After Hurricane Sandy

An abortion center in Falls Church, Va., bragged about not letting Superstorm Sandy shut it down, WORLD Magazine reports. The Falls Church Healthcare Clinic told supporters that in the aftermath of the storm "we got in around 5:30 a.m., [and] there [was] two inches of water in the surgery room, water on the carpets, two offices totally soaked, water leaking in from our large windows. We put out hundreds of towels and started mopping up. ... We started seeing patients at 10 a.m." Pro-life organization Live Action wrote on its blog: "On what planet is it safe to perform surgery under those conditions? Falls Church Healthcare Center does indeed perform first-trimester surgical abortions, presumably in their surgery room, which was flooded with two-plus inches of water." Live Action continued: "Operating rooms generally are supposed to be sterile. But apparently that's not an issue when abortions need to be performed. Time and again, abortionists prove that they aren't interested in the 'safe' part of the 'safe, legal and rare' mantra that they tout so frequently. If it comes between making their blood money and the safety of women, the money will come first each time."


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