Cuba 'Hungry For the Lord'

Cuba 'Hungry For the Lord'

January 6, 2012

A Mississippi pastor who recently traveled to teach pastors in Cuba -- a country once closed to the American Christian church -- says the Lord is very much at work there, reports. "The most exciting thing was to see the movement of God in the people," said the Rev. Terry Pierce. "Even though they've had such regulations ... with the gospel ... people are hungry for the Lord." Pierce emphasized that the church was still being monitored by the government, but said there was starting to be "a little bit of a loosening" and noted one pastor who had constructed a church from whatever materials he could find since there were no nearby home improvement stores to buy building supplies. Though the government has "no concrete formula" for "impos[ing] their rules and regulations at their whim," that church has so far not faced any problems, Pierce said.


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